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Gig Review: Zetland at Round the Corner, Liverpool - 25 August 2022

Our second review from the Liverpool Psychedelic Society’s gig at Round the Corner and a review that we should have posted ages ago!

Zetland are loud and heavy with more than a small amount of the psychedelic in their band chemistry. They have that ability to jam material out adding layers of effects soaked guitar to build up a monumental sound. Aided by fill in bass player Jules who’s show of virtuosity on the bass complements their sound and allows for extended improvised pieces that are genuinely exciting to listen to.

A potent mix of sounds, equally loud and heavy then richly psychedelic with plenty of other influences ranging from the more metallic and grunge ends of the spectrum to more complex proggy moments all floating around in the Zetland ether.

Words and Photos: Richie Yates



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